Spreadin’ the Word!

  • “I saw Think Lizzy play a show down in Austin, Texas recently.They were great. I think Thin Lizzy fans would love ’em. Highly recommended.” ~Frank Murray, Thin Lizzy Road Manager, 1969-1978


  •  Think Lizzy is the greatest Lizzy Tribute band out there, front man lead singer sings, plays, and looks just like the legendary Phil Lynnot and the whole band just kills!!! Go see them when they invade your city!!! ~Richard Garcia, Pleasonton, Texas


  • “Think Lizzy are the closest to the really Lizzy I’ve ever seen!”- Jason McMaster, member of Dangerous Toys, Igniter, Rock and Roll Over (Kiss tribute), Big Balls (AC/DC tribute)….and more


  • “I’ve always been a big Thin Lizzy fan since my High School days but never had a chance to see them live, I had the opportunity earlier this year to capture Think Lizzy’s show in San Antonio. I was totally blown away on the entire show, great song selection and stage presentation by the band. One of my favorite tribute bands by far. If you haven’t seen these guys you need too ! It’s like experiencing the real deal”. ~Ron Travieso, San Antonio


  • “Last week, my wife and I drove all the way from McAllen to see Think Lizzy perform at the 29th Street Ballroom in Austin Tx. That Saturday night will be remembered as one of the greatest experiences of our lives. From the opening song (Are you Ready), until the end of the show, their authentic sound and electrifying stage presence was truly amazing and beyond compare. I almost wept with joy. (OK, I did a little). To sum it all up in one word, all I can say is “WOW!” If you haven’t seen Think Lizzy perform, do yourself a favor and do it now. Front man Steve O’Brien and the boys bring some serious-ass whooping musicianship to the stage and are truly one of the greatest tribute bands on the scene today!” ~Abraham and Katherine Buentello, McAllen


  • “Keep up the great work. I’m thankful I live in a town that has opportunities to see a Thin Lizzy tribute band as good as yours. I don’t think there are just a whole lot of these bands around, so we are in fact lucky. I still believe you to be as good or better than the “real” band touring. Rock on.” ~Ben McCulloh, Austin 


  • “THINK LIZZY isn’t just a good cover band, they are a BAD ASS band on all fronts! These boys got it all, if your looking for a good time you know who to call.” ~Robert Salinas, Austin


  • My friend insisted I catch the THINK LIZZY show and I’m glad I did! Caught the patio set, really great stuff! Fab band, great Lynott phrasing and impeccable twin guitar assimilation! Not to mention…a lot off f***ing fun! ~ Steve Cureton, Austin
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