Live and Dangerous

THINK LIZZY formed in 2010 to play St Patrick’s Day at Fado Irish Pub in Austin, Texas. Based on the positive response from the audience, they created a permanent band with a vision to perform rock shows with the same vitality as the original Thin Lizzy.

THINK LIZZY stays true to Thin Lizzy from the costumes, the Irish accent, Phil’s stage presence and most importantly, the music. Our biggest compliment comes from Thin Lizzy tour manager Frank Murray. He saw THINK LIZZY at a gig during SXSW 2012 and stated that THINK LIZZY’S stage presence and sound were so close to Thin Lizzy, it freaked him out and he had to walk away for a few minutes to regroup.
Fronted by Dublin native, vocalist and bassist, Steve O’Brien, THINK LIZZY is an authentic tribute to the 70′s and 80′s rock band Thin Lizzy. Steve is supported by Austin musicians, Steve Stafford, Wade Harkness and Paul Knaier.

THINK LIZZY’S setlist includes hits such as: Angels From The Coast, Are You Ready, Baby Please Don’t Go, Bad Reputation, Black Rose, Chinatown, Cold Sweat, Cowboy Song, Dancing in the Moonlight, Do Anything You Want, Don’t Believe a Word, Emerald,Holy War, Jailbreak, Killer on the Loose, Massacre, Rosalie, Sha La La, Southbound, Suicide, The Boys are Back in Town, The Rocker, Waiting for an Alibi, Whisky in the Jar and Wild One. THINK LIZZY are continuously adding songs to the set list to cover a wider range of Thin Lizzy tunes.